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Hey, my name is Amanda from Li'l Shop-a-holic and if you've found this page, you're probably interested to learn a little about me and my business.

The first thing you should know about Li'l Shop-a-holic is that when you buy from me you really are buying from a small business. I don't have any employees or a big's just me. Not only do I create and sew all our products, but I'm also the one who replies to your messages and keeps you updated on social media. That's why we appreciate all your support when you buy one of our products from my little business. I would also really appreciate it if you would 'like', 'share' or 'comment' on my posts .

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I'm a mum of 5 and work from home in Sharon, a little township just out of Bundaberg in Southeast QLD. I've been sewing for over the past 24 years so I have a lot of sewing experience. Li'l Shop-a-holic was first established about 8 years ago when I made and sold my first ever trolley liner. I had used a basic, lower quality version of this product for my daughter. I even had to carry a pillow around with me because she would go to sleep every time without fail while I got groceries. I decided then that I would make a better quality version of the trolley seat liner with an attachable pillow with taggies and inside pockets...because mothers already have too much stuff in their bags. After the first design was made, I posted it to Facebook and the rest is history. I've created a little niche for myself and have added other baby items to my list of available products.

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